Requirements on Energy Storage

Even if the additional needs for storage lie a few years in the future, there are already a few central requirements for the storage systems of the future.

High Efficiency

The efficiency is a key factor for two reasons. First, only a system with sufficient efficiency will be profitable in a volatile energy market that has small price fluctuations. Second, high efficiency reduces the installation expense of the converter for solar and wind energy.

Low storage costs

The development of renewable energies can occur even faster when the storage capacities are more favorable. Currently, the costs for storage are still very high even if batteries are expected to fall to less than 200 USD per kWh in the coming years. New pumped storage costs at least 100 Euros per stored kWh. Therefore it is clear, significantly less expensive storage is required. 

Environmental Compatibility

The development of renewable energies is associated with encroachment on the environment. The construction of pump storage reservoirs and power lines has low acceptance with the general public. Therefore, the energy transition requires components that have the greatest possible environmental compatibility.