The Heindl Energy GmbH

Heindl Energy GmbH, located in Stuttgart, Germany, is majority-owned by Prof. Eduard Heindl. Further shares are held by the Swiss investor HTG Ventures, which is financing the development of the concept. Heindl Energy holds the patents on this storage concept and is currently developing its readiness for realization, with the goal of constructing a pilot project.

The Management Board consists of Prof. Eduard Heindl and Robert Werner.
A team of specialists from the fields of geology, geophysics, mining and civil engineering is also involved in the development of this concept. 

Heindl Energy is member of

The German Storage Association, BVES.

German American Chambers of Commerce, AHK.


Heindl Energy GmbH

Am Wallgraben 99
70565 Stuttgart Germany
Phone: +49 711 656 968 90